「Check Out the Highlights from OPTION’s December Issue!」This Month Features the Latest in Suspension Tuning!

Published : 2020/10/29 10:29 Modified : 2020/10/29 10:29

●Nobuteru Taniguchi & Masahiro Sasaki take each companies suspension setups for a test drive



In December’s special feature, the suspension setups of eight different manufacturers are examined in detail. Taniguchi and Sasaki give us their impressions after rigorous testing on a closed mountain pass. This feature will also be linked to a special V-OPT feature to be enjoyed in video format. This is valuable information for those seeking a new suspension setup as well as basic knowledge for those unfamiliar with the products.


●Polls now open! Vote for the hottest Impreza / WRX



The “Impreza / WRX General Election” has finally begun. 37 entires which have passed screening are introduced in this issue. The top prize winners will be eligible for professional photoshoots and an appearance as an OPTION cover car. Please vote for your favorite machine!





Drag Festival WEST was held on September 12th at Central Circuit. Last month’s issue featured older domestic cars including the Fairlady Z. This months issue will feature not only tuned cars but full drag-spec machines, kei cars and motocycles.


●Special Booklet Insert『Gram Lights Custom Book』



This issue comes with a special 16-page separate appendix showing a lineup of RAYS innovative sports brand Gram Lights. These are of course active products in the top category of drift competition with a strong commitment to competitive design. Take an indepth look at the latest cutting edge wheel technology.