「What Were the Hottest Tuning Trends 20 Years Ago?!」Dai & Mana-P Report from the 2000 Tokyo Auto Salon!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/10/29 11:25 Modified : 2020/10/29 11:25

Take a trip back in time with Dai-chan and Mana-P as they report from Tokyo Auto Salon 2000 V-OPT070. ①



The year was 1999. This is playback footage from the “Pre- Auto Salon” that took place leading up to the actual event. Hosts Dai-chan and Mana-P got a sneak preview of demo cars by Ricoh Racing and Veilside, two hot tuners of the era.



They also were able to get an inside look at the production of Auto Salon demo cars made by other various leading tuning shops. What were the hottest tuning trends of 2000? Watch and find out! Also pay close attention to the youthful appearance of such V-OPT regulars including Nomuken.