「A Popular Choice in the Competition Drift Scene!」Gram Lights 57FXZ are a New Era Standard【Performance Wheel Guide】

Published : 2020/10/30 22:45 Modified : 2020/10/30 22:45

The wheel that calls for victory has arrived!


The strongest design that pursues top level function and visual appeal

By making full use of the latest technology in motorsports and making innovations in design and finish quality, RAYS draw out the best in performance products. This has always been Gram Lights unwavering stance from the beginning, pursuing high performance casting technology.



This is a wheel that has been actively involved in professional level competition drifting since the brand was launched in 2011. Drivers in both D1GP and Formula D turn to Gram Lights for their wheel choice and it has seen tremendous success by bringing wins to top teams.



Its popularity in the competition scene is not limited to Japan. The wheels are heavily used in Formula D in the USA. For instance, Dan Burkett’s JZA80 is equipped with the 57CR model. Ken Gushi’s GR Supra wears 57DR’s.



Gram Lights’ innovation in production improves tire performance and helps increase the cars potential during extreme conditions. Gram Lights latest flagship mode, the 57FXZ is now the new standard for competition machines that require the absolute best in performance at the limit.



The face design is composed of sharp Y-spokes. This creates not only a striking design but reinforcement and lightweight rigidity. The wheel is produced by original RCF manufacturing and is of course engraved with RAYS patented A.M.T technology.



The key to this wheels performance is in the spoke design. It allows the highest strength while still contributing to weight reduction. Exactly as the name suggests, the wheel makes use of the highest possible weight saving technology.



The car seen wearing the 57FXZ here is TOYO TIRES GR Supra #2 driven by Masato Kawabata and the EVA RT GR Supra which won in the opening round of the D1 Grand Prix in 2020. The TOYO car wears white 57FXZ’s while the EVA machine has deep purple.



These wheels are proven to have high performance bred for competition. At the same time, they show the ultimate sophistication for street use. The 57FXZ combines these two elements at a high level and have proven to be a new standard in aftermarket wheels.







COLORS:RBC(SNJ)/Super Dark Gunmetal+Machining+Rim Edge DC (AAC)


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