「Take a Lap of the Expressway in a Boost-Up Spec R35 GT-R」A Tuners Approach in Utilizing Over 600 Horsepower

Published : 2020/10/31 23:57 Modified : 2020/10/31 23:57

Flexible as a daily driver to a high-speed cruiser


An R35 GT-R that boosted its specs through balanced tuning!


HKS Technical Factory has a knack for proposing tuning menus for setting up versatile and perfect cars.


The shop recently did work on this street-spec R35 GT-R. The base is the earliest model (2007), but by updating and upgrading parts in a well-balanced manner, it has been trained to attain a fighting power comparable to the current model.



The VR38DETT maintains its stock condition, including the turbo. A boost-up specification with a upgraded actuator is built to generate 640 horsepower and 85kgm at max boost pressure of 1.24kg. Other upgrades include those to the fuel system, cooling system, and intake/exhaust systems.



Engine management is performed by rewriting the genuine factory ECU, making full use of the access port. In addition to fuel adjustment and engine timing, there is no need to ready a separate boost controller or change limiters or throttle programs. Boost pressure can be controlled with the auto-cruise switch. Being able to adjust the clutch is also a plus here.



The exhaust is an HKS Superior Spec R model. It is a full titanium unit with an aggressive and energetic exhaust note.



Wide fenders made by Varis were installed that house 10.5J Advan Racing GT’s. They are wrapped in 285 size Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT600DSST CTT’s. The wide fenders have large fins that draw out turbulence in the wheel wells and enhance aerodynamic performance at speed.



The interior is kept simple, only upgrading the seats to Recaro TS-G for both the driver and the passenger. Clutch discs are upgraded from the normal 6 to 7.



All aero parts are produced by Varis. The wing is a GT type that is low mounted according to the tuning menu.



As a result of this tuning, the car reached a max speed of 299.83km/h on a closed course. In terms of power, reaching 310km/h is not a problem, but it seems the Varis aero kit produces extreme downforce preventing that top speed.


Stability even in the 200km/h range is tremendous. Test driver Tarzan Yamada told us, “It is quite rare for a car to behave with such stability even in high banked corners.” High performance that can be used with total comfort is exactly what HKS Technical Factory aim for with their work.


●Special Thanks: HKS Technical Factory 5-2-8 Bijogi, Toda, Saitama Prefecture TEL:048-421-0508


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