「An Active FC3S!!」It Evolved Over 18 Years From A Junker to a Track Day Weapon

Published : 2020/11/07 01:23 Modified : 2020/11/07 01:23

A unique mix of aero parts result in a truly original car!


A comfortable daily driver that can also attack the circuit


The FC3S RX-7 is now already a 35 year old car, joining the ranks of classics. Its wedge shape and retractable headlights give it a nostalgic atmosphere. The tuning work on this model however, give it a fresh and modern feel.



“This is an FC3S that I got from my friend 18 years ago. It was fully stock at that time, and the condition was almost junk. Over time I have upgraded a lot of parts and the engine was tuned by Panspeed. Now its a true attack machine,” says the owner.



The front bumper and sleek integrated lights are made by RE Amemiya. Front fenders are Panspeed. 35mm wide rear fenders are made by Foresight. Although it mixes aero parts across various makers, the overall product has a very balanced look and feel. The body color is a fully original color based on Honda’s Cobalt Blue.



The wheels are 17-inch Volk Racing TE37SL. Widths are 9.5J +12. Brakes were upgraded to Brembo F50 calipers at the front. The suspension is an Ohlins coilover system produced by Panspeed. Spring rates are 10kg/mm at the front and 9kg/mm at the rear.



The car is powered by a side-ported 13B-T tuned by Panspeed. Combined with a wastegate type TO4Z turbo, it produces 430ps. The red paint in the engine bay remains from a paintjob done right after the owner purchased the car. At that time, rust on the frame was totally removed and the body condition was cleaned thoroughly.



The interior has a beautiful and complete finish. Driver comforts such as air conditioning and audio are kept intact. The guages were replaced with custom-made ones by LMS. Additional guages for boost, water temp, oil temp and oil pressure are made by Defi. Seats are BRIDE’s Zeta III.


The circuit use roll cage is a 10-point one made by Saito Roll Cage. The drive system has been upgraded to OS Giken parts including the cross transmission, twin plate clutch, and super lock differential.



The engine is the 4th replacement, mainly becuase the car often sees hard use on the circuit. Tuned rotary engines are expected to have such a lifespan, but it has been specifically tuned to enjoy hard running as well as street drivng. The constant upgrades to this car make it feel very modern and nearly new.



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