「Bursting with Personality!」This Low-Down JZA80 Supra Has an Aggressive Presence

Published : 2020/11/10 23:56 Modified : 2020/11/11 00:08

Carefully chosen aero parts and unique sensibility give this Supra an original feel!


Painted in the limited color of the V Spec II Nür is a perfect match!


At the venue of the “All Japan Supra Meeting 2020” where hundreds of JZA80s gathered, this one stood out with a unique aura. Its low-down form and combination of aero parts set it apart from the others.



The owner tells us the concept of this Supra is a “wide body in the feel of a race car while getting the car as low to the ground as possible.” He chose a combination of aero parts with a approach to the overall look regardless of maker or brand.



The front is a combination of RIDOX bumper and URAS under flap. The bonnet is made by Z.S.S which features 6 large air ducts. The car is finished in genuine factory Nissan Millenium Jade which was reserved as a limited color for the BNR34 V Spec II Nür. The owner says, “I’ve never seen another Supra done in this color and I knew it would look good, so I went for it.”



The wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing CE28 (10.5J +15) with a 15mm spacer added up front and a 40mm spacer at the rear. Tires are Federal 595RS-R in 285/30-18 sizing.



Front fenders by Max Racing boldly cut the factory arches to pursue the ultimate low down form. Side skirts also by Max Racing are cut on the lower side to match the height with the lower side of the front bumper. Rear overfenders are general purpose ones by Final Konnexion.



The AIM9GT supports of the GT wing are fixed to the rear panel. The rear is bumperless. The main element of the rear wing is made by Origin Labo.



Originaly the owner bought an NA spec model because it was cheap but at one point caught the car body on a manhole cover and had to lose the engine completely. From there he swapped in a turbo 2JZ-GTE. In its current state is has been lightly tuned with modified intake and exhaust.



“I like the look of the engine bay so I kept it as simple as possible,” he says. The drivers seat is a BRIDE Artis III and passengers seat is a Digo. Steering wheel choice is a Nardi 340φ.



The interior at the rear was removed for a racy look and feel. Audio including an amplifier and woofer are installed behind the seat. The rear hatch is not functional because the GT wing prevents it from opening fully.



The owner seems to enjoy taking this Supra out on the circuit several times a year and in the future plans to remake the fenders to provide more clearance. The real thrill of parts tuning is to set a theme for yourself and work within it. This Supra conveys the joys of tuning in that respect.


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