「A “Drift Missile” Silvia in a Close Call!?」Playback from the 68th Ika-ten Okinawa Tournament!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/11/11 20:35 Modified : 2020/11/11 20:35

68th Ika-ten Okinawa Tournament V-OPT070.④



“Ika-ten” was the peak of group drift competition as a gateway for top drifters to move up in the ranks. In its 20-year long history, various stars have been born among its amateur competitors. The footage from this time comes from the 68th Okinawa Tournament held at Nago Circuit.



This is Nago Circuit where pylons can be set up freely in a wide flat space to create your own course. Still, Okinawan drifters struggled with the technical layout devised by Tsuchiya. Check out the exciting footage from this classic event.