「Looks Straight Out of The Fast and The Furious・・・」A Sport Compact Tuned AE111 Levin

Published : 2020/11/12 15:53 Modified : 2020/11/12 15:53

This might be the only AE111 tuned in this style!


A sport compact specification that could have appeared in the first Fast and the Furious film


“Sport Compact Cars” saw a huge rise in popularity as a style of Japanese custom cars tuning since the early 2000s. This style’s popularity was boosted by the success of the movie “The Fast and the Furious” among car fans worldwide.


Featured here is an AE111 Levin tuned by an owner who became obsessed with the style of tuning in the world of The Fast and The Furious films. He seems to have been modifying it as a car that could have appeared in the first film of the series.



“Originally I bought this AE111 as a fun daily driver with a manual transmission. My longtime obsession with the Fast and the Furious films got me thinking why have I never seen anyone modify an AE111 in the sport compact style,” says the owner. All aero parts are BOMEX which was popular in the heyday of this tuning scene. It also has original graphics affixed on the side.


The base car is a Levin but some might not notice that the face of a Trueno is transplanted here. The body is painted in Solar Orange which was a color available on the limited edition Toyota 86.



The headlights give off a modern feel the exceeds the age of the car. These were actually made DIY custom by the owner himself. They have the function of normal headlights but can also display a glowing red effect for added visual appeal at events.



The wheels are 17-inch Work Emotion CR Kai. The sizing is 7J +34 at the front and 7J +22 at the rear. Both front and rear have 5mm spacers. The suspension is a TEIN Flex Z coilover kit with the car lowered to a sporty height.



The engine has been lightly tuned with modified intake and exhaust systems. The owner was hoping for a dual exit exhaust that matches the shape of the rear bumper and went with a Fujitsubo exhaust made for the AE101. It seems it could be installed as-is with the help of a bracket.



The interior is basically stock but four additional gauges have been mounted on the A-pillar. This is a touch that helps give the feel of back-in-the-day sport compact styling.



In terms of “Fast and the Furious” spec cars, the Fortune RX-7 and Brian’s R34 may stand out as some of the most famous. However, compact FF cars such as the Civics that appeared in the first film were a huge part of this scene. Therefore, you could say that this Levin could look right at home on the big screen right next to those sport compact tuned vehicles.


Above all, its the owners love for this tuning scene and his sense of style that give it that perfect early 2000s throwback look.



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