「A Special Model Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the TE37V」The Bronze Finish Harks Back to its Origins! 【Best Wheel Guide】

Published : 2020/11/12 15:24 Modified : 2020/11/12 15:24

An anniversary homage to the original TE37


Precise logo engraving done by A.M.T. should not be overlooked!


Among the TE37 series that stands as a benchmark wheel for Volk Racing, the TE37V is a wheel that looks good on any car. It was designed not only for the AE86 but a variety of other older domestic cars. The V in the model name stands for “vintage” but the latest in design technology and manufacturing is put to use. This sets it apart from other recent “retro” styled wheels.



This masterpiece of tuning design celebrates its anniversary in 2020. RAYS has announced this special commemorative model to mark this great milestone. It is known as the “TE37V 10th Anniversary” and is colored in a bronze color revived from the original wheel.



The highlight is not only the special color, but also the RAYS and VOLK logos which were normally stickers are expressed by special engraving. This is done by RAYS original patented A.M.T. technology. The brilliant aluminum shines through as an accent and the machining marks are left intact as an artistic touch. This gives a suitable feeling to this limited anniversary model.



Its release is scheduled for Spring 2021. Sizes and price have not yet been announced, but because it will be released as a limited item, those interested in purchasing it should not wait around. We recommend that you check RAYS homepage for updates.


●Special Thanks:RAYS TEL:06-6787-0019

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