「A Narrow Body Approach!」This is a Tsukuba Attack Spec BNR32 That Sticks to Genuine Factory Fenders

Published : 2020/11/16 23:24 Modified : 2020/11/16 23:24

A stock body circuit warrior BNR32


A super fast GT-R that pushes the limits of its genuine fenders


This BNR32 continues to challenge Tsukuba with total street spec front and rear fenders, radial tires and “as-is” interior. The target lap time is one minute flat.



The engine has a displacement of 2.6L, but durability has been improved by installing CP-CARRILLO pistons. The Trust T78-29D turbo is set to increase output to 580ps. Control is performed by Tomei Powered’s Ray Tech.



Although the fenders have indeed been rolled on the insides, the appearance is pretty near to genuine factory. Wheels are Enkei RS05RR in 9.5J front and rear. Tires are Advan A052 in 265/35R18 sizing.



Brakes were upgraded to ENDLESS 6 pot calipers on the front and BNR34 genuine Brembo at the rear. The suspension is a combination of DG-5 coilovers with Bestex springs (F18kg/mm R15kg/mm).



The interior is still packed with all driver comforts. As you can see the driver’s seat has been replaced with a full bucket seat, but otherwise interior panels and seats are kept intact. The weight of the car is 1500kg. One tuning point was to hone in on acceleration power by installing the 5-speed cross by Nagao Techno.



This is a BNR32 that sets high standards within its stock range. With fine tuning of the ECU and suspension tuning, it was able to reach the 59 second 905 mark in 2019. Because of the owner’s high motivation, even a narrow-bodied car like this one can set impressive lap times. The tuning work here proves that.