「The Strongpoint is Outstanding Stability! 」This Crimson S15 Silvia Runs Wild in Northern Japan!

Published : 2020/11/16 23:58 Modified : 2020/11/16 23:58

High stability that is strong no matter the condition


An endurance race spec S15 Silvia with a T67 turbo!


This bright red S15 Silvia is a circuit-only attack machine that was build for endurance races once held at Sendai Highland in Northern Japan. The car was tuned by Iwabuchi Motors in Iwate Prefecture.



Power comes from a high compression SR20DET with a 1mm thick head gasket. The turbo is a Trust T67. It achieves punchy acceleration with a high output of 470ps / 47.0kgm. For high response, the intercooler is set back as far as possible to shorten the piping.



The car has a collector tank essential for circuit races. The fuel pump is a NISMO 270L / min. Engine management comes from Tomei Powered’s Ray Tech using air flowess control.



The suspension is an ENDLESS Zeal coilover set at F13kg/mm R11kg/mm. Ikeya Formula upper arms and toe arms are also installed. Brakes are upgraded to genuine BCNR33 Brembo. The LSD is a NISMO 2-way.


The wheels are 17-inch Volk Racing TE37SL in 9.5J +12 sizing. Tires are Hankook Ventus TD S-tires.



The interior has been totally stripped to save weight. Additional gauges are installed in the air conditioner outlet and other switches are mounted on the DIY-made center panel.



The exterior features Origin Labo aero parts. The GT wing is a carbon Sard model.



In line with the concept of “reducing lap times with a tuning plan that suits the driver”, this S15 continues to bring out the full potential of commerically available parts. The appeal of this tuning work is its outstanding stability which remains unaffected by weather or road conditions.


●Special Thanks:Iwabuchi Motors 152 8 Chiwari Murasakino, Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture TEL:0197-72-5955


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