「An FD3S Rocket That the Owner Bought as a New Car! 」Potential to Run 400m in 9.6 Seconds!

Published : 2020/11/17 23:02 Modified : 2020/11/17 23:02

Double sided bridgeport + T88-38GK turbo producing over 600 horsepower!


A pure white FD3S that the owner continues to evolve from its state as a new car


The owner said that he has changed this car from a circuit spec to drag racing due to the influence of his surroundings. He bought the car brand new and has been constantly evolving its tuning state by upgrading parts. Now it exists as a serious drag machine capable of 9.6 seconds on radial tires.



The engine was completely overhauled in order to advance into the early 9-second range. It is a 13B-REW modified to produce 660ps. It combines a double sided bridgeport with a T88-38GK turbo. Because of its large size, the single T88-38GK is a good match for a rotary with high exhaust pressure. The transmission is an HKS 6-speed.



The red boxes that stand out in the completely stripped interior are ignition system parts “MSD Digital 6A” which are made in the USA. These are essential weapons in shutting out misfire at high RPM. Boost pressure is currently set at 1.5kg but the owner is considering raising it in the next stage.



Tires are Advan Neova AD08 (235/45R17) up front and Hoosier drag radials (275/40R17) at the rear. For now, the owner will continue this street tire setup which he has become accustomed to.



After breaking into the 9-second range, further tuning and refined setup are required for shaving off further milliseconds. All interior panels and driver comforts have been stripped away for maximum weight reduction. The tank capacity is also an ultra-compact type of 10L.



For the Super Drag Festival 2020, careful preparation was made including further weight reduction measures and trial of new tires. However, it only reached a best time of 10 seconds 599.


It is possible to change the class to where drag slicks can be used. However, the owner says he first wants to achieve consistent early 9 second times on radial tires. Then he plans to raise expectations from there.