「Taking GT Beyond GT」Advan Racing’s Strongest Forged Model【Best Wheel Guide】

Published : 2020/11/17 23:59 Modified : 2020/11/18 00:46

“Beyond GT” suitable for premium sports cars


Allows upgrades to larger brake systems!


A five spoke design that gives the impression of speed and strength. A reverse type rim has a deep feeling. As a flagship model of Advan Racing, the GT series feature monoblock mold forged wheels that are ideal for tuned luxury sports cars.



Eight years after its debut, a minor change was made to this masterpiece of a design. Based on the development concept of “GT-ness that surpasses GT” the updated design was named GT BEYOND. Because of its popularity among high-performance tuned cars, the 19-inch version debuts first.



The first detail that catches the eye is the rim shape. It was changed to a deep rim reverse type which has visual impact. This design change also responds to the ever-increasing size of performance brake systems.



The machined lettering that appeared only in the premium version of the GT model are now adopted as standard. The intricately carved logo adds a sense of luxury that is suitable to premium sports cars.



The face surface has a constant depth for outer rims of all sizes and it has five concave types for different rim widths and insets. As seen on this GR Supra by Kansai Service with GT BEYOND installed, the visual effect of the different concave types front and rear creates depth.


The 19-inch sizes pictured are 9.5J +25 front (face type 4) and 10.J +32 rear (face type 5). Tires are Advan A052 (F255/35R18, R275/35R19).


Racing Titanium Black

Magnesium & Racing Hyper Black

Racing Sand Metallic

Racing Copper Bronze


In addition to Racing Titanium Black as a finish, a Machined Racing Hyper Black finish is availiable in a total of four color finishes. The other two are Racing Sand Metallic with a grainy texture, and Racing Copper Bronze.



The GT BEYOND model adds a three-dimensional side cut on the spokes to emphasize the concave shape and reduce weight. A beautiful sense of dynamism is poured into this wheel.



COLOR:Racing Copper Bronze/Racing Sand Metallic/Racing Titanium Black/Magnesium & Racing Hyper Black


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