「A Mysterious Bad-Boy Modified Supra Appears! 」The Engine is a High Response 6-Throttle Spec!?

Published : 2020/11/23 22:35 Modified : 2020/11/23 22:35

A sports injection spec with ITB’s


The car creates a strong impact with Celica headlights and widebody kit!


This JZA80 Supra gives off the feeling of an unknown car model due to its T230 Celica face swap. The owner has spent around 10 years steadily customizing and evolving the car into the unique machine that it is now.



The exterior is fully one-off original. The front bumper is a special combination of Ab Flug and Veilside parts, and the body kit has been smoothed using Ab Flug Zephyr parts. Although it is a widebody spec with over 2 meters of width, the lines flow very well.



The bonnet is a Do-Luck lift-up model. The Celica headlights incorporate an external projector type with angel eye for true individuality.



The rear form also looks striking, with an original single pair of taillights using IPF lenses. The louvers on the rear quarter glass are made by RPG. The narrow quad exhaust exits through the gaps in the one-off original rear carbon diffuser.



The car has a lowdown appearance that is assisted by a KRZ Canover air suspension. Adjustable arms by Ikeya Formula are also installed.


The wheels are rebarreled and repainted Weds Kranze LXZ. Sizing is 9.5J -35 up front and 12J -57 at the rear. Tires are Nankang (F215/35R19 R295/25R20).



And here is the incredible engine. Based on an NA 2JZ-GE, it has a one-off original intake manifold. The throttle setup is from an AE111 with sports injection. Engine control is performed by an F-CON V Pro. The exhuast manifold is an isometric long model, also a one-off original. The cam cover used is from a 1JZ.



With all these one-off original parts, the result is an eye-catching JZA80 that stands out in a crowd. The owner definitely has a good imagination for tuning modification.


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