「Exquisite Flip-Up Shape!」A New Roof Spoiler for the S15 Silvia is Now Available

Published : 2020/11/26 23:11 Modified : 2020/11/26 23:11

A great accent piece that adds impact to the car’s rear view!


Gazelle Punch launches the new roof spoiler seen here


Gazelle Punch is a custom shop known for its one-off original FRP aero parts and development. They’ve just released this new model roof spoiler for the S15.



There are numerous aftermarket roof spoiler options already available for the S15. This Gazelle Punch product sets itself apart with a flip-up sweeping shape. Despite its small size it adds a touch of aggressive elegance to the rear of the car.



The piece has a gel coat finish. Price is 28,000yen. Silvia owners should check out this and other items available on their website. This new spoiler was a piece that attracted a lot of attention at the recent SR All-Star Meeting 2020.


●Contact:Gazelle Punch  230-5 Togamihigashi-cho, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:0544-27-8406


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