「Is This a New Standard for FD3S Turbo Replacement?!」The GTIII-4R Brings Out the Best in the 13B-REW!

Published : 2020/11/28 21:05 Modified : 2020/11/28 21:05

Installing a GTIII-4R which is known as the post-TO4S!


RS Pantera continues to develop their FD3S


As you can see from the genuine factory narrow body equipped with 255 width tires, this tuned demo car from RS Pantera focuses on bringing out the best in the FD3S with a minimum number of steps.



The 13B-REW in this FD sticks with a normal port shape but gets an engine balancing and weight adjustment of the rotor. Engine management is performed by a standard Power FC.



Then comes the turbo. In terms of models that are compatible with a normal port 13B-REW, the TO4S and TD06-25G come to mind. RS Pantera have instead introduced an HKS GTIII-4R, which is now attracting attention as a new generation go-to model. It has an air volume that can accomodate a boost pressure up to 1.4kg. Here, however, it is being run at 0.8kg to evaluate its pickup performance.



The suspension is an original setup based on an HKS Hipermax kit. The springs are made by Rana with front and rear rates at 14kg/mm. The brakes are reinforced disc rotors with genuine calipers. The LSD is a Cusco 2-way with a final gear of 4.1.



This tuning setup is aimed at a normal users approach, so tires equipped are Falken Azenis RT615K in 255/40 sizing. These have excellent wear resistance over extremely grippy tires. Wheels are 17-inch Volk Racing CE28RT in 9.5J +39 sizes.



Racing driver Hiroyuki Iri gave us his impression after a drive. He says, “Its very easy to handle because boost starts with good response in the low range. Even if you step up from the boost-up spec, you can still handle this car well. This kind of tuning setup is likely to become a new standard for the FD3S.”


Tuning parts that continue to evolve with the times keep older cars fresh. With upgrades like the ones seen here, it definitely is possible to bring out the best in the FD3S.


●Special Thanks:RS Pantera (Sato Shokai) 5220-2 Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:0544-58-4837


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