「Limited to 20 Complete GR Supra Stunners」Including All the Technical Capabilities of Prestigious Tuners SARD!

Published : 2020/11/28 17:21 Modified : 2020/11/28 17:21

An original widebody Supra backed by 500 horsepower!


Now accepting pre-orders limited to 20 units and priced at 12.5 million yen


Beginning as the first Japanese manufacturer to use its own chassis in the 24-hour Le Mans in 1973, SARD continues to be active in many races including Super GT. They’ve just announced they’ll be producing a limited complete tuned GR Supra.



Former Toyota 86 chief designer Takaho Furukawa was in charge of the fully custom exterior of this tuned complete model. The goal was to create an elegant and sporty take with a top tier quality throughout.



The front bumper gives the face an even sharper edge, while the bottom part increases body volume. The look is decidedly high-end sports.



The fenders have been widened by 40mm on each side at both front and rear. The volume increase here is kept at a minimum to keep the normal character lines of the car intact. The side skirts and door panels were exclusively designed to support these blister fenders.



In addition, a 3D-shaped low-mount GT wing is installed. Air ducts were added to the bonnet, fenders and rear bumper. Upgrades to aerodynamic performance can be seen throughout.



The upgrades are not merely limited to the appearance and aerodynamics. The factory B58 engine gets tuning work by way of the factory high flow turbo. Significant tuning of the ECU settings result in a max output that is increased to 500ps / 62kgm.



The exhaust is upgraded to a full titanium model from intermediate pipe to tail end. The shot blasted matte finish of the tail end is also a point of beauty.



The car is equipped with a metal catalyzer in the upstream section. It is a high-performance model using a domestic 200cpsi cell with a heat-resistant temperature of 1200 degrees.



The suspension is based on an original coilover system. Wheels are upgraded to the specially designed 20-inch models seen here, in 10J front and 10.5J rear sizing. Tires are Potenza S007A (F255/30R20 R275/30R20).


A race spec combination of 6-pot calipers with 380mm 2-piece slit rotors produced by Arcon upgrade the brakes to provide stopping force in line with the power increase.



For those interested, only 20 units will be produced and sold worldwide, making this a super exclusive model. Pricing will be 12.5 million and up, depending on the base car grade.


While the fully tuned model is very limited in number, the titanium muffler, catalyzer and rear wing seen here are planned to be sold separately. Also, installation of the complete kit is also possible under the condition that it be installed on a SARD vehicle.


Even active owners who already have a GR Supra are sure to be excited by this SARD model’s strategy.


●Contact:SARD  50 Kamisotone Wakabayashi Higashimachi, Toyota, Aichi Prefecture TEL:0565-53-1166


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