「This BNR34 Has No Weakness!」2.8L and V-Cam Generate Big Torque Through All Stages!

Published : 2020/11/29 23:16 Modified : 2020/11/29 23:16

2.8L + V-Cam has power even in the low rpm range!


Tuning work that can be used reliably


“From the street to the circuit” is a goal for lots of tuning cars, but its not easy to achieve especially for a car that can perform well on international circuits.


Produced by tuning shop Art Tech Hanatsuka, this is a top-spec BNR34 all-rounder that balances speed and driveability in one polished package.



In consideration for street practicality, the engine is a 2.8L using an HKS kit for torque in the low to medium speed range. The turbo is a GT2530 with great response. Under control of an F-CON V Pro, 550ps is produced.


The cooling system combines a DRL radiator and oil cooler with an RH9 intercooler. It can handle mid-summer street driving as well as lap after lap on a circuit.



The car also increases low to medium speed torque in other ways. It is set to variable valve timing with an HKS V-cam which revolutionized RB26 tuning. With this setup, it can accelerate quickly from any rotation range.




The suspension is an HKS Hipermax MAX-IV. Spring rate is 12kg/mm at the front and 10kg/mm at the rear. Ikeya Formula adjustable arms are installed to give better performance in accordance with the power upgrades.



Brakes are Brembo calipers with 8-pot up front and 4-pot on the rear. Wheels are 18-inch NISMO LM GT4 in 10.5J widths. Tires are Direzza ZII Star Spec (275/35-18).



Because it is made to handle regular street use, the car is also equipped with audio and air conditioning. The genuine factory multifunction gauges have been upgraded to Defi oil temp, water temp and boost gauges. The main instrument panel has been replaced with a NISMO white 320km/h scale one. The seats were also upgraded to red Recaro models.



The car has a personality that is easy to handle as an all-rounder rather than specifically for street or circuit. This is a perfect setup for those who want to enjoy a well balanced BNR34.


●Special Thanks:Art Tech Hanatsuka  324-8 Kami-Atsusaki, Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture TEL:0287-62-3218


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