「AT Drifting Can Be Done This Well?!」AT Drifters Take On Nomu-Ken!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/11/29 23:33 Modified : 2020/11/29 23:33

Check it out!! Automatic transmission drift cars and technique V-OPT.071⑥



This video clip features a drift report on automatic transmission drift cars and a young Nomu-Ken. Four drifters who drive automatic cars brought their machines that follow the spirit, “You can drift well even with an automatic!”



This clip features Nomu-Ken and two such talented drivers as Kazuhiro Tanaka who played an active role in the Team Orange group as well as Dart Izumida who is known as the King of Destruction. After seeing how well these guys drifted in automatic cars, Nomu-ken became excited to try for himself. Check out the clip below!