「These are the Highlights from the OPTION January Issue!」This Month Features Hot 4WD Sports Cars!

Published : 2020/11/30 21:21 Modified : 2020/11/30 21:21

●An indepth look at 4WD tuning cars including the GR Yaris!



This month features the theme “4WD Sports Tuning” which was suddenly brought back into the spotlight with the arrival of the GR Yaris. In addition to focus on the three strongest 4WD sports cars; GT-R, Lancer Evolution and WRX STi, there are special features including “4WD Sports Training” with Tarzan Yamada and Nob Taniguchi, “Legends of the 4WD Tuning Scene” and “Chronology of 4WD Domestic Sports Cars”.


●Supercharged 2JZ-GE



Prices continue to rise on tuning cars from the golden era of the early 90s. The 2JZ equipped Supra in particular is out of control with overseas buyers snatching up domestic models for export. However, other NA 2JZ equipped cars can still be had at affordable prices. Here we check complete vehicles by HKS Kyushu Service and M Craft who focused on 2JZ-GE Supercharged tuning.


●Latest Tuning for the GR Yaris



The most notable tuning base recently is no doubt the GR Yaris. Many tuning shops have already undertaken ambitious tuning work to improve performance on this car. In this issue, Masahiro Sasaki explains the specs of the S-Taikyu car, HKS 4WD drift specs and a 2JZ FR spec car developed by Daigo Saito. Also featured are a Tsukuba 2000 attack car by G Force.


●OPTION × G-Works Super Drag Festival



The Super Drag Festival has become a national established event. The R35 GT-R is one of the cars that is attracing particular attention as a base for a drag car. The level of drag tuning continues to rise and here will look in depth at outstanding examples of drag-tuned GT-Rs.


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