「Don’t Miss This News, BBS Fans!」The Super RS Model Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of BBS

Published : 2020/11/30 23:15 Modified : 2020/11/30 23:15

19-inch diameter available in 8.5J & 9.5J sizes!


It will see a limited release until the end of January 2021


BBS celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. The company was started in 1970. In commemoration of this special occasion, the “Super RS 50th Anniversary Edition” will have a limited release. It will be available in 19 x 8.5J +38 and 19 x 9.5J +45 sizing.



Pricing is 165,000yen per wheel. This is a must-have item for BBS fans. It is a limited edition model of the masterpiece that suits sports, sedans, old cars, minivans and a range of other genre vehicles.


●Contact:BBS Japan


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