「Pushing the Limits of a Daily Driver?!」A Slammed Zenki S14 That Turns Heads!

Published : 2020/12/03 21:53 Modified : 2020/12/03 21:53

”I gave up on this car once then bought the same car again!”


A Vertex-kitted S14 Silvia that pushes the boundaries of a daily


This early model (zenki) S14 Silvia is reminiscent of the T&E demo car back in the day is a tuning car with the goal of being a comfortable daily driver but looking as aggressive as possible.



All the exterior aero parts are Vertex “Ridge” which were a big hit among T&E products. The front fenders add 35mm of width to each side but their design blends well with the cars lines. This is to be expected of a long-established aero parts manufacturer like T&E. The car’s ride height is also quite low, but it can still be daily driven comfortably.



The wheels are Volk Racing TE37SL on the right side and TE37SAGA installed on the left side for a double look. Size is 18×10.5J +15 all around. The suspension is a 326 Power Chakuriki Damper setup with 20kg/mm spring rate up front and 12kg/mm in the rear. D-MAX upper control arms, toe control arms and traction rods are installed at the rear.



On the interior you’ll find a Recaro RS-G racing bucket seat. Because it is a commuter car, the interior emphasizes comfort and practicality.



The owner tell us that he actually gave up driving an S14 previously, but his love for the chassis returned and he bought this car. Apparently, he is now in the process of prepping this car for casual drift events which he has been interested in for many years.


This is a car that is eye catching enough to stand out at a drift event but still enjoy it as a comfortable daily driver. It is a versatile setup that can handle multiple uses.



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