「Calling All Mazda BP Engine Users!」Introducing A Throttle Kit and Carbon Surge Tank That Improve Roadster Response

Published : 2020/12/06 18:37 Modified : 2020/12/06 18:38

New developments from the prestigious Toda Racing!


An unmatched sports injection kit for the BP engine makes its debut


Toda Racing have brought out this sports injection kit for the BP engine for NA8C and NB8C Roadster. They have developed a huge number of tuning and racing parts for various models. This is their latest.



The throttle diameter is 45mm. There are three types of funnels; 33mm, 63mm and 89mm. The price is 398,000yen for all available types.



Toda Racing have also developed a carbon suction kit exclusively for this sports injection kit. Due to space limitations it is only compatible with 33mm funnel kits. It is a piece that will greatly contribute to improved response and aesthetics. It is priced at 120,000yen.



NA & NB Roadster owners should definitely give these upgrades a closer look. They are top quality parts that improve engine response and add an eye catching element to your engine bay.


●Special Thanks:Toda Racing 640-1 Naka, Yakage, Oda, Okayama Prefecture TEL:0866-83-1202


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