「This R35GT-R Shows No Weaknesses! 」Well Known Tuning Shop Makes Full Use of 1000HP

Published : 2020/12/11 23:55 Modified : 2020/12/11 23:55

1000HP controlled by advanced aerodynamics and suspension tuning!


A modified 4.1L and GT1000 kit bring this monster to life


This R35 GT-R was produced by talented tuning shop SCREEN located in Tohoku in the northern area of Japan. Incorporating a range of HKS parts the cars output is measured at over 1000ps. It is intended as a serious circuit spec car that makes full use of its performance modifications.



The engine uses an HKS capacity upgrade kit consisting of φ95.5 forged pistons, H-section connecting rod and 95.5mm stroke crank. Displacement is increased to 4.1L. With help from the GT1000 full turbo kit, the car produces 1000ps / 112kgm. The cams are also made by HKS which support variable valve timing which is setup to allow the GT1000 turbo to perform to its potential.


The GR6 transmission has been upgraded with RH9’s upper program menu. The clutch plate was upgraded to a Dodson model that is capable of transmitting big power to the wheels reliably.



The front bumper spoiler, upper and lower canards and 20mm wide fenders are all made by Top Secret. Wheels are 11J Volk Racing TE37. The suspension is a D2 Japan Super Racing setup (F22kg/mm R20kg/mm).



The GT wing is a one-off original carbon 3D type. Together with the front bumper it creates a high downforce suitable for over 1000ps.



An AIM GT320 steering wheel is installed along with two Recaro RS-G racing seats.



Even in a stage when settings were still being determined, it was able to lap Fuji Speedway on Hankook Ventus RS-3 tires in 1 minute 46 seconds.


Driver Masahiro Sasaki tells us, “Its suprisingly easy to drive. The car takes full advantage of its 1000ps”. SCREEN have developed a bulletproof circuit machine with this GT-R.


●Special Thanks:SCREEN  9-1-17 Narita, Tomiya, Miyagi Prefecture TEL:022-348-3761


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