「A Tuned Copen That Exceeds Normal Kei Car Potential With 170HP!」A Turbo Upgrade & Cross Transmission Add Excitement

Published : 2020/12/13 22:47 Modified : 2020/12/13 22:47

Specialized tuning work by Mo.FAC results in a mightier Copen!


An overwhelming punch of power in a compact body!


The owner originally bought this L880K Copen for use as a gymkhana (autocross) car. However, things snowballed when he started tuning the car more and more. He consulted with tuning shop Mo.FAC which are known as Copen specialists. From there the car evolved into a circuit attack machine.



The engine has high compression and high cam of 272 degrees without increasing displacement. A large RHF5 turbo was installed to reach an output of 172ps/18.56kgm at max boost of 2.0kg.


In order to use this power effectively, a Navic cross transmission was installed. It maintains power band from low speed corners up to high speed.



Engine management is done by an HKS F-CON V Pro. Because the low speed range can lose quick response, it also includes a pro start function that makes dashing starts possible.



Crux coilovers are introduced with spring rates of 16kg/mm at the front and 14kg/mm at the rear. The brakes use genuine opposed FD3S calipers for increased stopping power.



The roll cage is made by D-Sport. This adds driver protection and increases rigidity. Usually the car is driven with the hardtop roof attached but the driver removes it when weight reduction becomes an advantage during races.



The owner is a self proclamed “late bloomer” who discovered the joy of motorsports in his 40s. He is now addicted to participating in K4GP (kei car endurance races). Driver age and car model are not factors in race classification. We hope he continues to enjoy driving full throttle on the circuit in this cool Copen!