【Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Advance Info】「Kuhl Racing to Bring Out Their R35 GT-R and GR Supra」Super Tuners Aim for Grand Prize?!

Published : 2020/12/13 23:50 Modified : 2020/12/13 23:50

Announcing the new “KRUISE” bodykits!


Don’t miss the debut of these high-end sports aero kits


Kuhl Racing are widely known as a complete car tuning shop specializing in a wide range of vehicles. They’ll center their plans on premium sports at Tokyo Auto Salon 2021, displaying their takes on the R35 GT-R and GR Supra.



The first car is this R35 GT-R which is outfitted with the full “KRUISE by KUHL RACING” kit launched in 2020. This brand adopts a fresh concept which focuses on race inspired atmosphere.



The R35 GT-R pictured here wears the aero kit from the previous model (2008-2010). The sense of speed in this kit gives a feeling of excitement even when the car is standing still.



There are also 2 versions of the GR Supra here. One is a widebody version while the other takes a narrow-bodied approach. The widebody spec kit is dubbed the 90R-GTW. Powerful styling includes 50mm wide fenders at the front and 70mm wide at the rear. The front bumper features sharp intersecting lines for an aggressive look.



The kit for the narrow/normal width body is called the 90R-RS. The simple approach sharpens up the stock factory look along the bottom of the body.


Kuhl Racing have quickly become one of the most anticipated makers to appear at Tokyo Auto Salon in recent years. Their outstanding custom kits have continually stolen the show. In addition to the models announced here, we are certain they’ll bring out some surprises once again. 2021 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Tokyo Auto Salon.


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