「RE Amemiya’s Legendary First FD3S」The Powerful GReddy 5 Continues to Shine On!!

Published : 2020/12/14 10:27 Modified : 2020/12/14 10:27

The impact of the GReddy5 with electronic gull wing doors lives on


Expanded side port and TD06-25G turbo produce 400 horsepower


This FD3S which is painted in all blue, is one of the legendary cars of the GReddy series produced by RE Amemiya.



This one was dubbed Number 5. It debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon in 1995. It was the first FD3S which RE Amemiya took on. The GReddy5 was also the first in converting to electronic gull wing doors that were powered by a forklift motor.



“I was hoping for the doors to slide out sideways and swing up. It was insanely hard to get these to work” says Ame-san about the gullwing conversion.



The exterior incorporates the flush headlights and simple refined styling that RE Amemiya 7’s are known for. Apparently the front takes inspiration from the Jaguar XJR15. The body color is a deep solid blue known as “Amemiya Blue”.



The suspension is an original RE Amemiya coilover setup. The arms were upgraded to adjustable pillowball type which expand the degree of freedom in alignment. The wheels are 17-inch AW-7 in 8.5J front and 9.5J rear sizing.



The engine is a 13B-REW with expanded side ports. A TD06-25G turbo was fitted to reach an output of 400ps. Control from an RE Amemiya Redom computer ensures powerful acceleration from bottom to top end.



The interior is unified in blue to match the exterior. The steering is a now deadstock RE Amemiya D-shape model.



The car made an impact on its debut at the 1995 Tokyo Auto Salon and won the Grand Prix award in the dress-up category. It also made a demo run at Suzuka during the JGTC race that year. The car now belongs to a new owner who is the second owner of the car.


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