「Attractive 2-Piece Wheels With Multiple Arrangement Options!」Work Emotion CR2P is The Ultimate in Deep Wheels【Best Wheel Guide】

Published : 2020/12/15 01:45 Modified : 2020/12/15 01:45

Combine your favorite rim and disc for a tailored look!


A masterpiece set of wheels for your sports car


The appeal of 2-piece wheels is that you can create a variety of looks by combining different rim sizes with discs of different concavities. The Work Emotion CR2P is a two-piece wheel with this philosophy.


From 17-20 inch size options, you can choose between two rim types; full reverse or step. Two types of concave discs can be selected. The inset can also be set in 1mm increments. The possible combinations can be said to be infinite.



The Veilside Nagoya Z34 seen here with Veilside 50mm wide rear fenders served as the demo car for this shoot. It was fitted with 11J -40 wheels which are a spec rarely seen in one piece designs. Because of its two piece assembly, a wide variety of size and styles can be created without using spacers.



The front fenders are the same width as genuine factory. Here, a semi-concave disc was selected to allow clearance of the big calipers. Combined with a step type rim, 10J +35 sizing is fitted.



While taking advantage of the characteristics of the deep rim, the CR2P’s design has a unique deep concave shape for a 2-piece wheel. The gap between the disc and rim is precisely fit.



Glimit Silver is chosen as the color for this set. There are a variety of other color and finish options available including candy coloring and laser cut details.



If you’re set on installing wide wheels with flush fitment and no spacer, the Work Emotion CR2P’s unique design options allow for endless possiblities.


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