【Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Advance Report】「Top Secret To Unveil a Gold GT-R?」Check Out Smokey’s New Bumper Design

Published : 2020/12/19 00:07 Modified : 2020/12/19 00:07

A special candy gold paintjob that shines through the dark night!


A manly GT-R that only Top Secret can produce


Living legend Smokey Nagata will reportedly exhibit a total of three GT-R’s at Tokyo Auto Salon 2021. There will two R35’s and one VR32 (BNR32).



The most notable car to appear is the R35 seen here which is painted in Top Secret signature “Rolex Gold 2021”. An R35 in this gold hue has existed before, but this time it was made to a special candy color that has added shine and depth.


Its brilliance is so vivid that photographs cannot express it clearly. It must be seen in person. It is shaping up to be one of the most talked about cars at the upcoming 2021 event.



The front bumper is also worth noting. It is a completely new work to be unveiled for the first time at Auto Salon. Up until now, all Top Secret front bumpers have had an extended nose spec, but this model is closer to the genuine factory length. The main point here is convenience of use on the street.


Many new goods and apparel items will also appear at the Tokyo Auto Salon booth, so make sure to stop by and check out what Top Secret will have on display this time!


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