「Rahman Yamada in the Legendary RE Amemiya 7」Playback from the 2000 Tsukuba Super Lap Battle【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/12/19 23:36 Modified : 2020/12/19 23:36

Rahman Yamada’s Super Lap at Tsukuba 2000 Rd.2 V-OPT.072 ⑤ 2000



This time we look at playback footage from the 2000 Tsukuba Super Lap Battle. Rahman Yamada drives cutting edge tuning machines including the BOSS Silvia, HRF Starlet and Creative Sports Lancer Evolution.



Rahman was able to run all out without any problems but one incident broke out during the test driver of the legendary time attack spec of the Super G7. He was instructed to heat the tires before the race but ended up crashing on the first lap. The Rahman Yamada we all know from the V-OPT series shows his true self here. Let’s watch!