【Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Advance Report】「R31 House are Building a Serious TS Cup Sunny!」Will They Join TS Cup Class Races in 2021?!

Published : 2020/12/20 20:59 Modified : 2020/12/20 20:59

In 2021, R31 House will compete in old cars races beyond just R31’s?!


From their much-talked-about Formula D car to a full race spec vintage machine!


At Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, R31 House exhibited their D1GP-spec Infinity Q60 and their R31 Skyline for D1 Lights. At Tokyo Auto Salon 2021, they’ll add another car to that lineup. The car is a TS Cup class Sunny.



The body has been fully restored by removing all rust and corrosion. The engine was completely overhauled. It seems that driver Mr. Tokiwa who competed in D1GP and D1 Lights will race this Sunny Cup car next year.



R31 House’s Infinity Q60 and R31 Skyline will receive additional modifications and updates for next years Auto Salon. We are looking forward to seeing R31 expand their playing field.


●Contact:SHIBATA R31HOUSE  1081 Kuroiwa, Sakahogi, Kamo, Gifu Prefecture TEL:0574-28-0899


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