「A GT-R Drag Car That Can Be Street Driven!」A 1000HP BNR32 Developed on a Pristine Chassis

Published : 2020/12/21 10:32 Modified : 2020/12/21 10:32

Drag tuning that still has ease of handling on the street


Powered by a modifed 2.7L RB26DETT with a TD06-25G twin turbo


This is Garage Saurus’s BNR32. They are a famous shop well known for their GT-R tuning including those of drag specification. This particular R32 aims to be in the top class of street spec based on a pristine example which has no history of restoration or body work. Let’s look at the details.



It has been about 10 years since a full-scale tune was done. The engine is a 2.7L spec with TRUST forged pistons, I-section connecting rod and crank with a 75.7mm stroke. The head was also tuned with the introduction of a V-cam. It has loads of power at high RPM.



The turbo is a TD06-25G twin. The suction pipe was made thinner to increase intermediate torque.



The V-cam is a Step Pro with a phase width of 50 degrees. The high cam has a working angle of 280 degrees and lift of 10.5mm.



A TRUST 4-layer intercooler is equipped, along with a 3-layer radiator by Saurus. The oil cooler was upgraded to a 16-stage TRUST unit. The car used to be an air-conditioner-less race spec but in the process of remaking it for street driving, the compressor and condenser were reattached.



The exhaust is a φ45 at the exhaust manifold, dual φ75 for the front pipe, and φ100 at the end muffler. This setup was done after determining the turbo characteristics to realize wideband power.



An ATL safety tank, collector and two fuel pumps are installed in the trunk. Though the exterior appears very normal, this is quite a serious fuel supply system.



The wheels are 17-inch Advan Racing TCII. 275/40 Hoosier DOT drag radials are set front and rear. The suspension is a Saurus special modified Ohlins setup which puts an emphasis on traction based on the balance of the OS Giken Super Lock LSD.



Although a full roll cage was installed, the front is still fully equipped with carpeting. The transmission is OS Giken’s 6-speed sequential. Final gear is set to 4.1.



To prove the power of this tuned GT-R, a 0-300km acceleration test was conducted on a closed course. Despite problems with boost stability, it still marked a good time of 16.54 seconds. Looking at the detailed data, it was able to reach 100m in 5 seconds from a zero start. It exceeded 200km/h in 7.3 seconds. It ran 300km without acceleration interruptions. This is one terrifying monster.


●Special Thanks:Garage Saurus  4-8-16 Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama Prefecture TEL:04-2968-9212


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