「300HP in an EK9 Civic is Crazy!」A Torque Monster with a B18C and GT Supercharger!!

Published : 2020/12/23 21:44 Modified : 2020/12/23 21:44

Combines a B18C swap and a supercharger!


An 86/BRZ supercharger is fitted producing over 300hp


TOP FUEL are an engine tuning shop with a track record for finishing many turbocharged B-type engines. Because of this experience they have proven they can produce easy to handle tuned engines up with up to 300 horsepower. The aim of this supercharged EK9 was to create an easier to manage car than the same model with turbo spec.



The B18C from a DC2 Integra Type R was swapped in. In order to fufill the owners wish to keep up with a 2.0L turbo on the straights, supercharger tuning was introduced. TOP FUEL are really good turbo tuning of this type, but this time they dared to take on a supercharger spec.


With a bolt-on turbo, a normal B18C can produce about 300ps. However, with a supercharger the same output is possible except with no extreme torque fluctuation. This has advantages in both daily driving and circuit attack.



The supercharger kit they selected is the HKS GTS7040L. This is a reverse rotation type supercharger developed for the 86 and BRZ. However, the B-type engine here has a crankshaft with reverse rotation so the choice was natural.


If you want to keep the air conditioner, its possible to replace the power steering unit with an electric one. This EK9 is dedicated to time attack, so the air conditioner was removed. The GTS7040L was installed in the space where the compressor once was.



With a supercharger, the pressure is positive when the accelerator is off. Brake response is important in this spec, and the surge tank should be kept at negative pressure with the accelerator off. Therefore, a blow-off valve is installed to control the positive/negative pressure.



The boost pressure also depends upon the throttle opening so a F-CON V Pro was installed to control settings. It has a throttle opening control function. In addition to adjusting the fuel and ignition timing, the rev limit and VTEC switch points are also adjusted.



The water pump is an electronic unit. The circulation of cooling water was improved and oil and water temps remain stable even with a half-sided radiator. The control unit of the water pump was installed in the instrumental panel.



With low compression using a small diameter pulley and boost up, its possible to reach 350ps. The owner, who’s home course is a short tight circuit tells us that the current 300ps setting is optimium for the car’s use.


With flat characteristics like NA tuned cars, this supercharged hot hatch can realize quick lap times and still be used to get to and from the circuit on public roads.


●Special Thanks:TOP FUEL  500-1 Nakamichi-cho, Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture TEL:0598-56-5880


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