「An Inside Look at Legendary Drift Team “Marionette”」The Cars and Techniques of the Golden Era of Drift!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/12/23 23:27 Modified : 2020/12/23 23:27

Ika-ten Japan’s Best Team Analysis: Marionette V-OPT 073 ②



This video takes a look back at Marionette, a talented team who won the Ika-ten Japan No. 1 Final Battle. They were a legendary team in which such famous drivers active in early D1GP were involved. These included Takahiro Imamura, Masatoshi Asamoto and Koji Fukuda.



This video takes an in-depth look at the drivers, their technique and the specs of each of their cars. Tips on group drifting in the style of Ika-ten’s famed tournaments is part of the video contents. We introduce you to one of the strongest teams from the heyday of street drifting, Marionette!