「Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Cancelled」What do Smokey and Ame-san Think About the First Time with No Event in its 39 Year History??

Published : 2020/12/24 12:04 Modified : 2020/12/24 12:04

Tokyo Auto Salon cancelled due to Coronavirus…


We talk with RE Amemiya and Top Secret about this news


It was announced yesterday that due to Coronavirus the 23rd annual tuning car festival and world-famous event Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 (was to be held January 15-17 in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe) will be cancelled.



This information of course quickly spread throughout the tuning industry. We talked with Ame-san, who has had a perfect attendance record since the very beginning of Tokyo Auto Salon. “It can’t really be helped, but I’m disappointed because we’ve been exhibiting here since the very beginning. If we can’t hold the event, I’ll find a way to showcase my latest work elsewhere. Please stay tuned in 2021!” he tells us.



Japan’s world-class speed junkie Top Secret’s Smokey Nagata is another prominent figure at the annual event. “We were hard at work prepping our cars and we know the organizers worked hard up to the last minute to hold the event, but nothing can be done. We have no choice but to pray for 2021 to be a good year.” he says.



The Tokyo Auto Salon was originally called Tokyo Exciting Car Show which first appeared in 1983. This is the first time that no such event was held in this long 38 year history. With the current situation, there was no choice but to cancel the event for 2021. There are online and virtual reveals for projects scheduled, so please keep an eye on the latest tuning trends there.