【Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Advance Report】「The 4-Rotor Testarossa Nears Completion!」RE-Amemiya’s Modified Rotary Ferrari Star!

Published : 2020/12/24 11:48 Modified : 2020/12/24 11:48

A Ferrari with a turbo 4-rotor?!


A super sports with super attention to detail inside and out nears completion


RE Amemiya have made a number of legendary tuned rotary debuts at the Tokyo Auto Salon over the years, including the famous GReddy series of cars. This time, they will bring out a 4-rotor supersports model based on a Ferrari Testarossa.



The car uses the frame of the Testarossa, but will receive a totally one-off original styling wrapped in soft curves. The rumors are that the shape may be close to that of a classic Group C car.



The interior has been redesigned using MDF and other materials. Modelling work has already been completed and now the interior is being upholstered in leather.



A 4-rotor turbo engine now sits where the original V12 unit was. This unit is about the same as the 800ps spec engine that was used in the 2020 series D1GP. The transmission is a Subaru 6-speed MT and differential that has been WPC processed.


“When its complte, this car will of course be totally street legal! It has plans for full paint early next year and should be finished at the last-minute!” says Ame-san.



RE Amemiya always attract worldwide attention from tuning freaks everywhere. They have perhaps the biggest presence of any tuner every year at Tokyo Auto Salon, so we are definitely expecting big things again this year from this full-on project!


●Special Thanks:RE Amemiya 439-10 Nanae, Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture TEL:0476-90-0007


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