「BRIDE’s Stradia Has Undergone a Full Model Change!」Super Popular Model Has Evolved for 2021【Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Advance Info】

Published : 2020/12/25 09:05 Modified : 2020/12/25 09:05

The reclining mechanism has been updated to the long-awaited lever-type!


The latest version has improved performance and ease of use


Word has come that BRIDE’s reclining Stradia II bucket seat which is popular for ease of use on the street and holdability in sports driving will get an update. It will be remodeled to the Stradia III version.



The first feature of the new model is a new reclining mechanism. The dial type was updated to a lever type. By doing this, it gains more rigidity than the previous model and convenience is greatly improved.



Amazingly, the reclining angle can be reduced to almost full-flat. This makes it possible to comfortably nap in the car without no problems.



Two types are available, the standard FRP model and Super Aramid. The standard and low-max seating types are available in both. Available colors will be gradation logo, black and red.


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