「The Scoop on Advan Racing 2021 Models!」From the 4th Generation Model of the RG Series to the Remake of the Masterpiece Oni!

Published : 2020/12/28 22:33 Modified : 2020/12/28 22:33

Long-awaited 18 and 20 inch sizes are added to the GT Beyond model


Masterworks of yesteryear are revived beyond space and time!


Information on the new models launched by Yokohama Wheel ahead of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 was announced. Let’s look in detail at each one.



First we have the 4th generation model, the “RG-4” of the popular RG series. The six spokes have been redesigned to have a straighter shape and the wheel has increased forged rigidity. The powerful concave appearance is very attractive. Sizing is rumored to start from 18-inch and up.



The second model is the 2021 specification “ONI 2” of the famous Advan Racing Oni which appeared in 1996. This model is not a revival aimed at deep dish fitments, but rather for kei cars and compacts in 14- and 15-inch sizes. It is an updated three spoke model with refreshed technology in monoblock form.



The final wheel in this announcement is the size option expansion of the GT Beyond model. It originally debuted in 2020 and was available only in 19-inch sizing. Now, 18- and 20-inch options will be available. Now this premium 5 spoke model can be applied to a wider range of various vehicles.


Pay close attention to Advan Racing for more updates on these models and when they’ll become available in 2021.


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