「A Tuned RX-3 That Remains Active Today!」Its 12A Engine Is Electronically Controlled!!

Published : 2020/12/31 15:02 Modified : 2020/12/31 15:02

Its compact and lightweight body is an advantage not found in modern cars!


A RX-3 with updates to enjoy both street and circuit driving!


The Savanna RX-3 achieved 100 wins in just four years and a few months since its debut on the race scene. It was famous as a car that stopped the continuous victories of the invincible Skyline GT-R which dominated until that time.



The car we introduce here is a tuning work of a late-model 2-door GT Savanna RX-3. It is a car that has been carefully preserved by its owner.



The engine is a 12-A with sideport expansion. Injection control is performed by Power FC. It is not just classically tuned, it has many modern updates. The owner plans an eventual 13B swap with perepheral port.



Along with electonic control by Power FC, a Nissan crank angle sensor was added by modifying the distributor. It enables precise engine control. The FC Commander has an overwhelming presence mounted in the RX-3’s retro interior.



The 13B intake manifold is docked to the 12A via an adapter. This is a measure that improves intake efficiency.



The interior has a carefully laid out roll cage. Although it has a racing finish, it was made suitably with comfortable driving in mind.



A low stress spring was installed up front along with widening the setting range. It seems this has improved traction greatly.



A coilover setup was equipped in the rear. It has improved performance compared with the original rigid leaf.



The brakes are front and rear disc with FD3S calipers up front. Another interesting point is the conversion to 5-lug to expand wheel choices.



The output of the current 12A side port setup is 180 horsepower. Considering that the vehicle weight is about 900kg, this is sufficient power. Still, a 13B swap with peripheral port is planned. We look forward to more updates on this timeless machine.


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