「D1 Lights Top Female Driver 」Her Weapon of Choice is a 500HP S13 Silvia!

Published : 2021/01/07 11:46 Modified : 2021/01/07 11:50

Bold approach with natural tuning evolution and more potential for added power!


A stable car that was able to score high points in 4 out of 6 competitions in 2020.

We had the lucky chance to speak with driver Miki Takagi who finished 3rd in the 2020 D1 Lights Series. She continues to best her own runs with each event. We talked with her about the D1 Lights series and about her favorite attack machine.


Ms. Takagi started participating in D1 level competition around 2010. She moved up through the D1 Ladies League, the D1 West Japan Series and is now an active driver in D1 Lights.


Boasting unrivalled strength at Meihan Sportsland, she won the championship consecutively in 2018 and 2019. She advanced through two consecutive events in 2020 and although she narrowly missed victory, she was declared runner-up in the seventh event.



Ms. Takagi’s car is an S13 Silvia. The SR20DET engine remained as a 2.0L spec for years before recently increasing displacement to 2.1L using HKS pistons and connecting rods for the 2020 season. The turbo has also been upgraded to one with increased air volume.


Regarding this change in specification, “It was difficult to keep constant runs with the new setup when on tires used from the previous specification, but now there’s a lot of room to grow and the engine has more power from top to bottom” she says, satisfied with the results of these upgrades.



As the displacement was increased, the turbo was upgraded from an Australian-made MMP (same size as an HKS GT3037) to a JP Turbo B550X. Combining that with control from a meticulously set F-CON V Pro, a high output of 520ps was attained.



Other parts are are also tuned faithfully as well. The intercooler is a front mounted unit which is popular setup in the Kansai region.



Perhaps the biggest change in the updated 2020 spec of this car is the introduction of an HGT 5-speed sequential. With this change, “it was easier to shift up, but when dropping from 4th to 2nd it became more difficult to tell by how much” she tell us. As she got used to this change in the second half of the season, performance greatly improved.


The steering wheel is a deep 330φ model sold by Naoki Nakamura’s shop N Style. The seat is a BRIDE Zeta III. The instrument cluster, console and other interior parts are finished in an eye-catching gradation of pink to purple.



The suspension was last upgraded for the 2019 season, which is a combination of Stance coilovers (F 8kg/mm R 5kg/mm) and N-Style knuckles. The lower arms are genuine factory S14 with upgraded straight type tension rods.



Tires are Valino Pergia 08R in 245/40-17 sizing up front and 265/35-18 at the rear. For a single round only, last summer at Round 3 in Bihoku Highland, she tells us that 225/40-18 were used on the rear. “The car was going through tires too quickly and hard to get the rear end out, so we changed the setup temporarily” she tells us.



The brakes are GP Sports, which are a racing kit that was introduced at the start of the 2020 season. This is a special drift setup in which the foot brake piston and e-brake piston are assembled in a single caliper.



In the final round of round 7, she was up against driver Kojiro Meguwa who was decided as the champion in the final round. Though she lost the designated passage zone while leading in the first run, she stuck super close in the second run while chasing. Unfortunately, she momentarily misjudged the sense of distance between the cars and made heavy contact ending up as the runner-up.


Although nothing has yet been decided for the 2021 season, she has fought a superb battle that cemented her as a top driver of D1 Lights. We expect more big things from Ms. Takagi in the future and look forward to watch her progress!




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