「An R34 GT-R Growls with 1460HP!」Looking Back at the Legendary New Zealand Speed Attack【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/01/07 12:44 Modified : 2021/01/07 12:44

R34 GT-R Tuning Special【Inside Look】⑤Veilside’s Fastest Challenge



In New Zealand’s fastest race on public roads, “Rally New Zealand 1999” a monster GT-R put an end to the fastest movement of the 90’s. It set a golden standard of 346.2km/h. The car was worked on by Mr. Yokomaku himself of Veilside, who was an invincible power tuner at the time. The engine is a 1490ps powerplant with a rev limit of 12,000rpm. Its top performance was made possible by a GT3540 twin turbo.



The propulsive force generated by a 1460hp fully tuned RB26 was insane. Daijiro Inada who drove the car said it was on a whole other level. It had violent acceleration which seemed to beyond the imaginable output of the RB26. G-forces pieced the entire body. Though the road surface was wet on that day, in the dry it would definitely have been able to break 350km/h. When the record was set, the car was still in 5th gear with another gear to go. Check the playback video of this legendary day.