「The Best Match for R34 Skyline!」The TE37SAGA Now Available in Special Offsets

Published : 2021/01/08 23:36 Modified : 2021/01/08 23:36

10.5J +8 sizing which perfectly suits R34 Z-Tune fenders


Accepting reservations only until January 8th, 2021


“Okubo Factory” are a tuning shop specializing in the 4-door R34 GT-R. Their commitment led to the production of specialized bodywork as well as special sized wheels.



The base wheel is Volk Racing’s TE37 SAGA. Named the “TE37 SAGA OF Spec” this special model perfectly fits an R34 Z-Tune fender equipped vehicle with its 18-inch 10.5J +8 sizing.

Left side is Face 5、Right side is Face 4.


Another big point is the incorporation of “Face 5” with the deepest concave design which was not previously available with the 10.5J size. If you compare in the above photo, you can see a difference in the depression of the concave shape.



The color choices are abundant with a total of 15 options. Price varies depending on the color, but regular color diamond dark gunmetal is set at 66,400 yen. Others range from 66,800 yen to 69,600 yen depending on the color.



10.5J width also allows for best street tire sizing such as 265 and 275. The deep concave design also suits R34 Skyline well. Plans to sell the wheel on a regular basis are in the works, but for now orders are accepted until January 8th 2021. Those interested should contact Okubo Factory right away.


●Contact:Okubo Factory 愛知県稲沢市赤池東山町100 Akaike-Higashiyamacho, Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture TEL:0587-84-3434


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