「Tamon Design Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary」They’ve Released A Teaser Concept Illustration of the Next Fairlady Z

Published : 2021/01/11 20:20 Modified : 2021/01/11 20:21

“Tamon Exhibition” showing the world view of Tamon Design will be held


The genius design house takes on a new challenge


Tamon Design, led by Mr. Shoji Tamon has released a custom concept idea teaser image for the next model Fairlady Z.



“In 2021, Tamon Design will celebrate its 20th anniversary. We are planning an event to celebrate this. The design image of this next model Fairlady Z is the leading concept,” says Mr. Tamon.


The company set up a private facebook group named TAMON TEN to hold the online exhibition. This place acts as a source of information about events, reports on new projects and a place for members to discuss custom ideas with Mr. Tamon himself.



“It remains undecided when the event will take place. However, design is always changing the way people think and act so we want to hold this event to push things forward,” says Mr. Tamon. We are definitely going to keep our eyes peeled for any news on this front from the exciting design house that is Tamon Design.


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