「Is This a Complete Copy of Under Suzuki?!」A Head-Turner Created by a Young Privateer

Published : 2021/01/11 23:35 Modified : 2021/01/11 23:35

A reproduction of the world’s fastest Silvia!


Under Suzuki himself was amazed at the degree of detail so close in appearance to the real machine!


“About 8 years ago, I saw the famous Under Suzuki S15 Silvia running at speed and thought it was so cool. From that time, I started to devise a plan to make my own,” says the owner. While researching and collecting information, he spoke with Under Suzuki at events to get further details.



As a result of such efforts, he even gained insider information from Under Suzuki about the production of parts. The owner was able to complete the car in a surprisingly quick 10 months. He worked diligently to faithfully reproduce the style.



All the work was done by the owner himself. It was made in his own garage in Wakayama prefecture. Most of the exterior parts are molded fiberglass. He tells us most of the work was done by trial and error and by searching methods on the internet. Paint and decals were also fully DIY.



This reproduction has a presence as powerful as the real thing. The huge rear wing and uniquely shaped under diffuser are also beautifully reproduced.



The extended front spoiler was also produced from fiberglass. As expected, it is not strong enough for time attack use but it seems firmly affixed. Dry carbon was used where strength was required, which was also done totally by the owner himself.



The place coverage was done was the SR Meeting at Fuji Speedway, where many in attendance wanted to snap a photo with what they thought was the real Under Suzuki machine! The 28-year-old owner was pleased to show his work.


●Event Coverage:SR Meeting 2020