「Scratch that itch! All eyes on these clever parts for the 86 and BRZ.」User focus? You got it!

Published : 2021/01/14 22:42 Modified : 2021/01/14 22:42

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that these are simply visual upgrades!


These high-grade parts are a must see for 86 and BRZ owners who place importance on functionality as well as form.


For stylish 2 door coupes like the 86 and BRZ, looks are important, so the existence of aftermarket accents to add a finishing touch should come in handy. YR Advance is one company that boasts a lineup of parts honed for just this purpose – with a twist in the tail.



YR Advance makes several items that make use of materials like carbon and aluminium, but in this article we’ll be focusing on these newly introduced paddle-shifter covers (8,800 yen). The anodized aluminium finish will liven up any cabin, and since they add surface area to the stock shifters it goes without saying that they are a level-up in terms of usability.



Variations are available for not only pre-facelift but also post-facelift models. These come with the same anodized aluminium finish, and are available in blue or red.



And there’s more: YR Advance has been busily releasing new carbon fiber exterior parts. The newest of these is this dry-carbon fender garnish, available for the post-facelift 86. As well as projecting a race-bred image, this is also a highly functional aerodynamic part.



Another popular item is this carbon fiber fuel filler cap cover (11,000 yen). Just stick it on to give your car a look of racing pedigree.



This ABS resin roof fin (24,000 yen) is available for both pre/post facelift models. In matte black, it can be installed with nothing more than double-sided tape.



With variants for the 86, the BRZ and a third, emblemless, version, this carbon fiber trunk garnish is 16,500 yen. Apparently the hole-less version is popular as a simple way to go emblem-free.



The wheels seen here are a YR Advance exclusive model of the Volk Racing TE37SAGA rim. These 18-inchers come with a 9J width and +39 offset for flush fitment on the 86 and BRZ.



The door handle cover (15,000 yen) and door handle protector (11,000 yen) adorning the side of the car are smash hits. You can apply these easily with double-sided tape alone.



Simply slip these clear-coated dry-carbon door mirror covers (16,500 yen) over your stock mirrors to add a touch of style.



A staple of the range are these number plate holders (from 8,000 yen to 12,000 yen). Moving the number plate up (15-30mm on the pre-facelift BRZ, 40-55mm on the pre-facelift 86 and 25-40mm on the latter models of both vehicles), they improve cooling efficiency. Buyers can choose between silver, red, blue or even cherry red accents and stripes.



Installed as easily as a standard tow-hook, both front and rear versions of this one cost 14,000 yen. They are available in 7 standard body colors, with cherry red as an extra addition.



“When it comes to body kits and larger tuning parts, I think the major parts manufacturers have already done most of it to death,” explains YR Advance’s representative, Mr. Yamashita. “So we’re focusing our efforts on fleshing out a range of items for perfecting the more intricate details that larger manufacturers don’t make.”


A look at the demo car reveals that it is decked out in a full ensemble of Varis aerodynamic parts. Mr. Yamashita takes things from there, adding flourishes where needed. The result is an even more satisfying end product.


  • Thanks to: YR Advance, 3-3-19 Asahigaoka, Hino City, Tokyo

     Telephone: 042-581-7135


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