「Looking Back at RE Amemiya’s Masterpiece Seven」A Modified FD3S with a Race Engine in a Futuristic Form!

Published : 2021/01/14 16:25 Modified : 2021/01/14 16:25

An NA Super 7 packed full with Ame-san’s expertise and emotion


A sleek silhouette with NA power


The FD3S is the chassis used most and for the longest by famed tuners RE Amemiya. They have relased various super tuned projects into the world in their long history, surprising and impressing fans around the world.



The “NA Super Seven” attracted a great deal of attention upon its arrival at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2012. It was a street model that had agressive styling unlike any other Japanese sports model. Let’s look back at it in detail.



The exterior is a masterpiece in agressive flowing lines. The characteristic bubble roof, rear hatch and other features from the FD3S remain intact. However, with a total length of 4300mm and width of 1976mm, the apperance of the car was totally reborn. The volume of the normal car was greatly expanded resulting in this sweeping futuristic shape.



The engine was also extensively tuned, of course. With the target of lapping Tsukuba in 1 minute flat, the engine is a modified 13B-REW NA perephreal spec with a rev limit of 10000rpm. This was the result of 16 years of racing technology that the company developed in the field of Super GT.



The intake manifold diameter and exhaust manifold assembly position were finely tuned for peak performance. In addition, engine parts for Super GT were also incorporated, including 9.7 high-compression rotor from FC and 50φ throttle bodies made by M-Device. The engine mounting position is offset 80mm in the bulkhead direction and 40mm downward to optimize axle load.


A 6-speed manual from an RX-8 and ultra-lightweight clutch (racing concept) made by ORC increase response.



The core seen here beside the engine oil cooler is for the transmission. “The RX-8’s transmission can get really hot under heavy circuit use,” says Ame-san.



The beautifully redone interior was finished in all-red to balance the high-end supercar feeling of the exterior. The main instrument panel was upgraded to an all-in-one readout.



The monocoque chassis was cut to the limit of the fuel tank position, and the rear outlet ducts behind the rear wheels were expanded to create a sleek and aerodynamic shape. The taillamps are models used on motorcycles and the exhaust is a center-exit twin shape.



The suspension is an original coilover setup based on a Quantum T4-LM (F16kg/mm, R18kg/mm). The brakes at the front are Amemiya original 6-pot caliper with 355mm rotors.



Wheels are 20-inch Enkei GTC-01’s. The tires are Advan Sports in F255/30-20 and R305/25-20 sizing.



This is a legendary car that is sure to remain near the top of RE Amemiya’s long list of accomplishments. Needless to say, the NA Super Seven won the highest award in the tuning car category when it debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012. It still retains its strong impact today.


●Special Thanks:RE Amemiya  439-10 Nanae, Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture TEL:0476-90-0007


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