「How Fast Are Popular 90’s Sports Models Without Tuning?」Factory Stock FD3S and BNR34 Take On Tsukuba Circuit【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/01/14 22:50 Modified : 2021/01/14 22:51

Full-Normal Domestic Sports Models  Tsukuba Super Lap BATTLE V-OPT.074②



This is Tsukuba Super Lap full factory stock edition! Un-tuned domestic sports models of Japan’s golden era are put to the test. Popular models appear including BNR34, FD3S, S15, Lancer Evolution 6 and GC8.



In the second half, a tuned Lancer Evolution appears. How much does the super-tuned vehicle driven by Rahman Yamada differ from similar models without any tuning at all?? Watch and find out!