「The R35 GT-R Truly Is Amazing!」Drag Strip and Circuit Times are Super Quick Even Though Its a Daily Commuter!

Published : 2021/01/16 23:42 Modified : 2021/01/16 23:42

Clocks 0-400m in 10.8 seconds!


A true all-rounder


This R35 GT-R is the speedy daily driver of Mr. Morishita of Pit Road M. The base car is the “MY12 Track Pack” which is a valuable 2-seater model of the GT-R. When tuning this car, particular focus was given to let this special edition car’s parts developed by Mr. Kazutoshi Mizuno shine through and bring out the best in each part.



The engine is normally a 650ps spec with boost pressure of 1.1kg, but taking it up to 1.3kg increased max output to 750ps and 110kgm. Control was finely tuned using an ECU-TEK. Launch control was uniquely set so that boost pressure can be lowered to 0.5kg to achieve an efficient start.



The suspension is a collaboration between Pit Road M and Spirit. The coilover setup has a spring rate of 22kg/mm at the front and 18kg/mm at the rear. The upper arms are fully adjustable Top Secret units. Brakes are genuine factory Brembo calipers with an RH9 big rotor kit.



Factory seats were upgraded to Recaro RS-G full racing bucket seats. The purple 4-point harness is a Pit Road M original.



The wheels are Advan Racing GT (F11J +15 with 20mm spacer and R11J +5 with 20mm spacer). Front and rear tires are 285 width Potenza RE-71RS. The wide front fenders are West Sports models and the lip spoiler and wing were made by T&E. The car has a simple silhouette with an aggressive presence.



Driver Mitsuhiro Kinoshita took the car for a test run on Suzuka Circuit and gave us his impresssion. “The engine is powerful with no strees, suspension is very stable. Even as a street spec model, this car is amazing fun to drive. I feel very safe driving it even at speed,” he tells us. He marked a 2 minute 13.437 second run at Suzuka.


At the drag festival at the end of 2020, the car managed a 10.8 second run, winning in its class. The car truly is an all-rounder.


●Special Thanks:Pit Road M  912 Yasutomicho Anji, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture TEL:0790-66-3359


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