「BLITZ gets serious with the GR Yaris」 Boost-up kit, coilovers and everything in between under development!!

Published : 2021/01/16 11:06 Modified : 2021/01/16 11:06

Power Thro yields an extra 20ps!


BLITZ developing a steady stream of products to further improve the appeal of the GR Yaris


Parts manufacturers are going crazy for the GR Yaris. This includes BLITZ, known in the tuning world for their prowess in computer tuning. BLITZ have prepared demo cars for both the top-of-the-range RZ model and the FF, CVT equipped RS. At current, they are actively advancing development of parts for these cars.




BLITZ’s “Power Thro” series of throttle controllers is already in the advanced development stage for the RZ’s 1.6 liter 3 cylinder “G16E-GTS” engine. As well as giving the user free rein over their vehicle’s throttle response, the controller ensures appropriate boost pressure relative to throttle angle, producing some extra power. At 60,000yen, it is already producing indisputable results in in-house testing.



A look at the power graph makes the Power Thro’s effect clear for all to see. With 274.3ps to the standard car’s 255.1, this bolt-on modification achieves an increase of 19.2ps. Torque too, is up across the entire curve.




Development is also advancing on BLITZ’s smash-hit “Damper ZZ-R” coilover suspension kit (170,000 yen). Spring rate is set to 6kg/mm at the front and 7kg/mm at the back. Ride height is adjustable between standard (+/-0mm) and -50mm in the front. The rear can be set between 5 and 55mm lower than standard. The kit is in the final fine-tuning stages, and goes on sale in March.



Also on standby is the “DSC Plus” version of the kit (238,600 yen for a set). This adds stepping motors to the damper adjustment system, allowing the driver to adjust the damping force from inside the car. BLITZ have readied a number of preset modes, including “full auto mode,” which adjusts according to the number of passengers and road conditions; and “map control mode,” which makes use of information from sensors monitoring speed and G forces, to make detailed adjustments on the fly.



In addition, The RZ will get a version of BLITZ’s Carbon Power Air Cleaner and the popular Nur Spec Custom Edition VSR series exhaust. Both are expected to go on sale in February.



Meanwhile, just as with the RZ, there are a variety of parts to give the GR Yaris’ 2WD RS model a sporty flavor. Word is that the Damper ZZ-R DSC plus will come in almost identical specification to the RZ version. For the engine, development of a throttle controller to improve response has been confirmed. We’re looking forward to hearing more about possible upcoming intake and exhaust parts, too.


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