「HKS Announce New Turbos, Coilovers and More!」2021 is Shaping Up to be an Exciting Year for Tuning!

Published : 2021/01/17 21:49 Modified : 2021/01/17 21:49

A number of new HKS parts will liven up the tuning scene in 2021!


A display virtual booth to showcase these new products is now under development!


Due to the influence of coronavirus, the Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 will be held online virtually. On January 15th, HKS have announced many new products. Among those, WEB OPTION staff were particularly interested the new turbos and updated version of their Hipermax coilovers.



For the new “GT Turbo” series, we had to take a closer look at the one with lots of output. For this GT4950-BB turbo, “49” indicates the outlet diameter of the turbine wheel. “50” designates 500 horsepower. The “BB” portion of the model name indicates that it is a ball bearing type turbine.


The model lineup includes the “GT4950-BB” (500hp), “GT6290-BB” (900hp), “GT7595-BB” (950hp) and the “GT75115-BB” for 1150 horsepower. These large-size models will act as successors to the GT2 turbine series which was recently discontinued.



The Hipermax gets an update to the Hipermax S model. This update comes nine years after the debut of the current model Hipermax IV GT.




Previously, the Hipermax had a lineup of models including the IV GT, IV GT 20 Spec, IV GT Spec A and S Style L. However, the new Hipermax S is a model that integrates all of these.



Some readers may think that when the Hipermax series is unifed to one model that it might be difficult to hone in on the perfect coilover setup for a range of vehicles. This is not the case. For example, the setup can accomodate changes in the damping force over previous versions, giving it depth that can be used in a variety of applications.



The conventional preload valve system has been upgraded to a dual preload system. It cuts unnecessary damping force under high speed and increases stability.



A new rubber bumpstop has also been introduced to reduce roll and improve comfort.



The friction surface has been updated to achieve lower friction and higher durability than the previous model. With increased ride comfort and handling performance, it is an improved setup that is guaranteed for 60,000km over 3 years.



The HKS logo is not printed but rather laser etched. This is yet another detail that alludes to HKS attention to detail and commitment to high quality.


The Hipermax S is scheduled for a March 2021 release. The turbos are still in prototyping stages, but are expected to see a release not long after that. HKS have set up a booth at the Virtual Auto Salon from January 15th to 17th with these new products and more on display. Those interested should check it out in the link below!


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